WATCH: De Blasio warns “I may have to do layoffs of 22k city employees…if I don’t get federal help”

Showing up on CNN, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio cautioned he may need to cutback 22k city representatives without government help.

Bill De Blasio:

See, we need assistance. The assist we with requiring is to ensure we can keep the entirety of our open administrations, regardless of whether you’re discussing wellbeing, wellbeing, instruction.

They’re all on the line now on the off chance that we don’t get government support soon. What’s more, I’m extremely stressed over these improvement talks in Washington since they appear to be going no place quick.

I may need to do cutbacks of 22,000 city representatives from each office by October first on the off chance that I don’t get government help. Consider the possibility that that government help doesn’t come. Also, time is a-squandering.

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